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Four Girls and a Motorhome and Bronny

Children’s book author and writer Bronny Lane has written a feature film Four Girls and a Motorhome. Continue reading

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Stop Calling Yourself A Single Parent

Do you know what get’s my goat. And I’m talking, instant anger, flare up, nostrils splay out, lips become a thin line, brow furrows and my fingers instantly want to tap furiously onto something to get my feelings out. It’s when partnered women cry ‘single parent’. Continue reading

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Bronny and Muntsa go to Melbourne Writer’s Festival

August brings with it an exciting and fun opportunity for Melbourne readers, writers and book lovers, especially Bronny and Muntsa who celebrate the Melbourne Writer’s Festival. The festival showcases a variety of authors and industry figures from an array of different creative … Continue reading

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Super Single Families Facing Tough Changes in Australia

When you’re walking down the street and see an adult with a child; do you ever wonder if it’s a single parent family, single mum, single dad, maybe two dads or even another alternate family situation? It can be very … Continue reading

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The Reason We Do What We Do

People have asked me from time to time ‘why did you choose to write books about different types of families Bronny’. It’s fairly simple, I decided to start with this particular topic because their was nothing available for my own … Continue reading

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