My Super Single Mum

My Super Single Mum children book coverMy Super Single Mum presents a family of two: mother and daughter enjoying their day-to-day life.


“It’s just Mum and me
And that’s okay,
We have lots of fun
Just her and me, everyday”


First Verse

My Super Single Mum

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  1. kylie says:

    Hi Bronny and Munsta

    You 2 are a god send for me. A few weeks ago my 3 year old started acting up very badly, and it culminated with him telling me he did not want to live with me anymore. As you might well imagine this caused much shock and he repeated this over and over for about 3 days, and I asked him why and he would just shrug and say it again.

    On day 4 Seb and I were in town shopping and as I put him into the car he looked at me and said “Mum I do want to live with you” and I asked him why he had been telling me he did not want to, and he said “I want a family”. I thought he meant he wanted a baby of his own instead of his ‘baby brother’ (18 months at the time) and explained he was too little to have a baby of his own. At this point he shut me down and uttered the most gut wrenching words I have ever heard ” I want to live with you Mum but I want to live in a family”. I hugged my little boy hard, and fighting back tears asked him why he thought he didn’t have a family and he said “cause we don’t have Dad live with us”.

    This almost tore my heart out as I have taken such care to make sure my boys know I love them and we are strong together etc etc. So I took him out of the car and we went and sat down and had a drink and a cuddle, and I explained to him that just because Dad does not live with us it does not mean we are not a family, cause we are, and a very strong family and then proceeded to list all family members… me, Oliver (his brother) his Dad Grandma Aunt Uncle, (he doesn’t have anything to do with grandparents aunts uncles cousins on his dad’s side they don’t make any contact at all and when I have tried to make contact it is very much not appreciated or reciprocated)

    All the way home we talked about families being different, and we went and brought the my family stickers for the car, made collages of photo’s of family members and included close friends as family as well. I went to daycare to talk to them about how they represent families and also his 3yo kinder group – to make them aware we have an issue with a feeling of belonging at the moment. It all seems to have helped, but I think this book will show him that we are a family even though there is only Mum, (dad does not have the children and has not wanted to be part of their lives for 2 years and has just decided he wants visitation one day a month, and he comes for 4 hours.. so it is more like a ‘friend’ coming for coffee).

    So anyway, much longer scenario short, thank you so very much for giving me a decently priced (some I looked at were quite expensive), AUSTRALIAN book that depicts my son’s family dynamic in terms of how many parents live in the house with them.

    best wishes and warm regards

    • Bronny says:

      Reading your story Kylie brought a tear to my eye… your story is the exact reason why I wrote the book – to help children understand that even though their family may seem a little different – it is still a family and a wonderful family and as long as that family has love, safety and security then that is all that matters. I have posted your book so hope you have received it by now! I would love to hear how Seb liked the book and thank you again for sharing your story x

  2. Colleen McCarthy says:

    Dear Bronny & Muntsa I read about your book in the newspaper and congratulate you on the book and your website, both are beautiful. I am a mother of a now 17 year old. I raised him on my own from when he was 2 1/2. I too looked for books, stories and to provide experiences that would support our family of two as being healthy and normal. Even from as young as preschool he was encountering other kids telling him his family was different. I can remember in a class he was asked to draw his family, he drew the two of us. The teacher told him to draw everyone, Andrew replied this is everyone, became upset and did not want to go back top that class.
    I am proud of the young man he has become so far. It was hard and lonely but we have made it.

    • Bronny says:

      I am so pleased to hear that you found the book through the newspaper! It tells me something we are doing to get the word out there to fellow single mums is working! Thank you so much for your kind words and I hope you love the book x

  3. Anita says:

    I am sitting here crying (literally) as I just received your book (yes it finally arrived) and it is absolutely so relevant to me and my little boy. Despite little D not living with his dad, we (him and I) are still a family. I love and cherish every day we have and hope that one day he appreciates it just as much as I do.

    Oh and I mow the lawns, quite well I may add 🙂

    Thank you for an amazing book and know that it will be a popular one in my home.

    • Bronny says:

      That is so fantastic Anita! I’m so glad you love the book and that it arrived (sorry about the delay) safely. It’s comments like yours that encouraged me to write the book! Thank you x

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  5. Kellie says:

    Hi, i recently learnt about your book when reading a magazine and got quite excited as i had been having my own little dilemma as all the books i was reading to my little girl had a mum and dad. I look forward to purchasing and enjoying sharing your book with my princess. Thankyou!

  6. Maneesh says:

    Myself maneesh and had been alone for most of my life.That doesn’t mean i am a bastard, i had a family but they have a different lifestyle i mean my dad is engaged with some , my mamma stays with her family, my brother is in a liven relationship . So,they wanted me to strive out alone when i finished my school that is in 2005.It was hard, but they were happy.That counts for me.I never had a girlfriend, that does not mean, i haven’t tried.I did, and the first ? from her parents were ( what does your parents do).I told them the whole story.And after that evening,i stopped receiving calls!! from her side.I don’t know, what is love,relationship perhaps i know nothing about feelings.Because, when i try to burst out loud !! its only me who’l wipe my tears !! the toughest job in the world.Sometimes, i am too scared when the sky thunders,the earth shifts and I see myself standing alone on streets.Even my colleges keeps distance from me, even when they bully me as bastard !! i don’t loose my cool !! my smile,rules out my emotions.I don’t want to end my life …i want to see where my life leads me. I do believe in GOD.
    When i try to sleep everyday !! i just ask him (why did you send to earth) and (he just smile !! and say go to sleep its too late).When i see people, wearing good clothes, Children with their parents.I just wish to start my life all over again.
    So,i would have done something to save my family.

    • bronwen.fallens says:

      Hi Maneesh and thanks for your message. Please don’t ever refer to yourself as a ‘bastard’ that is a term society tagged children with no father and it’s completely horrible and something we need to eradicate. Try to think of living in the moment and the now and don’t think of your past. Remember that you can be anything you want to be and don’t ever let anyone get you down! Take care, Bronny xxxx

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  8. Tania says:


    Just enquiring whether you have a stockist in London?


  9. Makito61Yt42 says:

    Very, very nice page! 🙂

  10. Lee-anne Jones says:

    My daughter (4) and I were at the library recently and she picked out ‘My Super Single Mum’. I was in a rush and didn’t realise what the book was about until we sat down and read it a few nights later at bedtime. As I was reading it, I remembered there is “no such thing as a coincidence” – my daughter had no clue what she had picked and I was at a very low point. Your book not only brought tears to my eyes but it described exactly who I am, who she is, and what we do together and how our life is and it filled me with such pride and love. We have been on our own since she was 9 months old, strong, together, and very loving. I have never been able to find any REAL, positive and relevant content in any form of media to help and support single mothers who are focused on the things they do and how they support their children, it is always about how to get over the emotions and the finances. Your book doesn’t even touch on these issues and for that reason it is pure magic and very refreshing. THANK YOU!

    • Bronny says:

      Thank you so much for posting this comment. It’s truly wonderful to read and warms my heart no end. This is the very reason why I wrote the book and i’m hoping maybe your daughter saw you and herself in the cover image of the book! I’m so pleased that you both love it and thank you so much for your lovely comment. Love Bronny xxxx

    • Bronny says:

      I am so glad you loved the book and that in some small way it touched your lives. I wrote the book for all single mummies to celebrate and for their children to feel pride in their amazing mums! x

  11. Mecarla says:

    I had almost given up on single parenting.
    My daughter (4) and I love picture books, I had been looking for a single mum book for such a long time with no success.
    I was about to give up and write my own.
    There are plenty to do with divorce or dealing with a death of a parent, which are just fantastic but doesn’t help my situation at all. I have always been a single mum and I had similar issues with questions about ‘dad’
    My script was he lives far away so we don’t get to see him, later came I want a real family (this one broke my heart) then there were questions like why don’t we just o live with him. Her father lives about 4 hours away and doesn’t make the effort to see her, I will set up a visit if I’m up that way visiting old friends but sadly he isn’t too interested. His loss.
    I try to buy books to teach my daughter only good traits to become an independent compassionate and confident woman.
    Your book will be a very welcome addition to our collection.
    I can finally sigh in relief that there is something she can look at for years to come.
    Thank you for changing my life ever so slightly.
    It maybe small book but means so much more xox
    Thank you

    • Bronny says:

      Hi Mecarla and thanks so much for your beautiful post. It truly has made my day and confirms for me once again why I wrote the series! I am so pleased you love the book and do hope it continues to help in some small way. Kind regards, Bronny xxxx

    • Bronny says:

      What a beautiful comment, thank you so much, i’m so pleased that I was able to touch your lives even in a small way. Keep celebrating the successes and being a Super Single Mum! xxx

  12. The story follows a little girl who gives her birds eye-view of the relationship between herself and her wondrous super-single mum. The result is the telling of a life of riotous fun and love that any two-parent family might envy!

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