My Super Single Mum Book Launch

Join us as we launch the children’s book My Super Single Mum in early April 2011.


100 lucky guests will receive a beautiful gift bag PLUS Bronny will do a reading of the book and sign any books purchased on the day.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information about the event and look out for your invitation soon.

We look forward to sharing this exciting event with you and hope you will join us for coffee, tea and light refreshments

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One Response to My Super Single Mum Book Launch

  1. Laurence says:

    Mum I do want to live with you and I asked him why he had been telling me he did not want to, and he said I want a falimy . I thought he meant he wanted a baby of his own instead of his baby brother’ (18 months at the time) and explained he was too little to have a baby of his own. At this point he shut me down and uttered the most gut wrenching words I have ever heard I want to live with you Mum but I want to live in a falimy . I hugged my little boy hard, and fighting back tears asked him why he thought he didn’t have a falimy and he said cause we don’t have Dad live with us . This almost tore my heart out as I have taken such care to make sure my boys know I love them and we are strong together etc etc. So I took him out of the car and we went and sat down and had a drink and a cuddle, and I explained to him that just because Dad does not live with us it does not mean we are not a falimy, cause we are, and a very strong falimy and then proceeded to list all falimy members me, Oliver (his brother) his Dad Grandma Aunt Uncle, (he doesn’t have anything to do with grandparents aunts uncles cousins on his dad’s side they don’t make any contact at all and when I have tried to make contact it is very much not appreciated or reciprocated)All the way home we talked about families being different, and we went and brought the my falimy stickers for the car, made collages of photo’s of falimy members and included close friends as falimy as well. I went to daycare to talk to them about how they represent families and also his 3yo kinder group to make them aware we have an issue with a feeling of belonging at the moment. It all seems to have helped, but I think this book will show him that we are a falimy even though there is only Mum, (dad does not have the children and has not wanted to be part of their lives for 2 years and has just decided he wants visitation one day a month, and he comes for 4 hours.. so it is more like a friend’ coming for coffee).So anyway, much longer scenario short, thank you so very much for giving me a decently priced (some I looked at were quite expensive), AUSTRALIAN book that depicts my son’s falimy dynamic in terms of how many parents live in the house with wishes and warm regardskylie

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