My Super Single Mum creates a stir!

Thanks for the fabulous Milkk PR we have been getting amazing publicity for My Super Single Mum including this article in the Herald Sun, a Melbourne (Australia) newspaper. According to the family expert (when asked about the book) children don’t need to learn about minorities such as these! I think every single mother was insulted universally with that comment. You might like to read the full article here. We for one, think that children of all ages should be exposed to our books, if only to stop ignorant comments such as that one! Read the article here.

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  1. kylie says:

    This is what I sent the HeraldSun regarding Mr Muehlenberg’s comment

    In response to Bill Muehlenberg (family Council of Victoria spokesman), who states “The kids are to young to need to know about these minorities” when commenting on the new series of books by Bronny Fallens, (Single? Take it as read Sunday April 17th). He has obviously never experienced, (as I have recently), the gut wrenching conversation of a 3 year old saying “I want to live with you Mummy, but I want to be part of a family too”. Hearing my son tell me he thought he was not part of a family because it is not the set up they see in books at daycare and kindergarten and is different in structure to their friends families, is one of the saddest experiences of my life. My son SHOULD be able to access story books that are relevant to him and depict his family dynamic – a family dynamic that happened through no fault of his, but rather a so called father who feels it’s ok to create other families with other people at the same time, and wants very little, if anything to do with the children

    While we have children in different family set ups, there is EVERY need for books such as these to be available to children so that they no longer feel like they are not part of a family unit, no matter what the structure of it maybe. I for one will be purchasing the book “My Super Single Mum” so that my toddler boys grow up understanding that we are as much a family as the ‘traditional’ family and they should be proud of the family we are. Whether or not Mr Muehlenberg agrees with the differing family structures in today’s society or not, they exist and the children are entitled to see their family unit depicted in books so they don’t feel like my son did.


    (This was not part of the article.. but I have my copy 🙂 and when I read it to my 3 and 22 month old children, my 3 year old said “Mum that’s just like us, but no Olliepop and I’m a boy. So YES there is a need for this book, my son saw a family like ours depicted and since we have been reading it he no longer talks about wanting to leave to have a family, instead he tells me “I love our family Mum”. So thank you very much for a wonderful book that helps my sons see we are not different or any less a family than his friends)

    • Yanto says:

      Dear Bronny & Muntsa I read about your book in the newspaper and ctloragunate you on the book and your website, both are beautiful. I am a mother of a now 17 year old. I raised him on my own from when he was 2 1/2. I too looked for books, stories and to provide experiences that would support our family of two as being healthy and normal. Even from as young as preschool he was encountering other kids telling him his family was different. I can remember in a class he was asked to draw his family, he drew the two of us. The teacher told him to draw everyone, Andrew replied this is everyone, became upset and did not want to go back top that class.I am proud of the young man he has become so far. It was hard and lonely but we have made it.

  2. kylie says:

    Was really happy they printed it too. Honestly was amazed that other families that arent the mum dad 2 .5 kids and a dog did not respond in kind

    • Bronny says:

      I think people sit there and nod their head but don’t necessarily put their hand up for fear of being judged. Good on you for having the courage to say it at it is! You inspire other Single Mums and different families to have their say and feel confident doing it! x

      • Jonathan says:

        Reading your story Kylie brought a tear to my eye your story is the exact resaon why I wrote the book to help children understand that even though their family may seem a little different it is still a family and a wonderful family and as long as that family has love, safety and security then that is all that matters. I have posted your book so hope you have received it by now! I would love to hear how Seb liked the book and thank you again for sharing your story x

  3. Talecia says:

    I am sitting here cnryig (literally) as I just received your book (yes it finally arrived) and it is absolutely so relevant to me and my little boy. Despite little D not living with his dad, we (him and I) are still a family. I love and cherish every day we have and hope that one day he appreciates it just as much as I do. Oh and I mow the lawns, quite well I may add Thank you for an amazing book and know that it will be a popular one in my home.

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