Introducing Mouse - a floppy eared rabbit

Introducing Mouse!

I caught up with Fluere yesterday to go through the sketches of our next book “Boo and Mouse go to New York”. Fleure has been hard at work creating the world in illustrations for the story I wrote all about a little girl and her fluffy toy rabbit Mouse. Imagine my surprise when Fluere whipped Mouse out her bag! Fashioned from clay, fired in the kiln, painted and come to life. I nearly cried when I saw Mouse come to life. He started in my imagination as a comforting friend to a small child and here he was now sitting in front of my coffee cup!

With this next series of books all about Boo & Mouse and their adventures around the world we will be adding some fun things. Like Mouse in the form of a soft toy. I’m looking forward to bringing this story into 2021 and to introducing everyone to Mouse! Isn’t he adorable. Fleure is so talented. I just love how she takes my words and turns them into beautiful stories with illustrations.

My Super Rockin' Pop

“My Super Rockin’ Pop” Coming in 2021

Lockdown was pretty kind to me in Melbourne! I wrote 2 screenplays, 1 of which I won an award for from Redwood Shorts and Scripts film festival and also was selected by Atlanta Comedy Film Festival for a table read. That was “I Wanna Be Famous” which i’m excited to film in 2021. The other one was “The Cicadas Sing in the Summertime”, my first dramatic script that I hope to film the end of next year. I also managed to start writing my 7th children’s book which I will release next year around Father’s Day.

The 7th book in the My Super Family series will be a book for grandfathers. As is the case with our books, we celebrate diversity and you can bet this is going to be one rockin’ pop! We will share more about this project as we move along the creative process. I’ll team up with illustrator Fleure to bring this to life again.

Finally, I am really looking forward to finally launching “Boo & Mouse go to New York” the first book in my second series. These books are designed to relieve stress and anxiety in children, whilst also educating them about the world around us.

Til then! Check out our new website. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m pretty pleased. Well done to Hong and Rabeea for creating something really special.


Bronny's Books

Introducing the New Bronny’s Books Website

We are so excited to launch our brand new website! We love it! Well done to our awesome Web Designer Hong from TheDesignerForMe who has done a brilliant job and to Rabeea who has created beautiful artwork to go with.

Watch this space as we add even more cute products like squishies to go with your book purchase to make the perfect gift for your little one.

Got a suggestion for a product? Let us know! Just drop us a line on our contact page.

Four Girls and a Motorhome poster artwork

Four Girls and a Motorhome and Bronny

It’s been a while between posts and that’s because Bronny has been busy turning her hand to write for screen. Like most writers Bronny has worked across genres and a couple of years ago now wrote a feature film called Four Girls and a Motorhome. This film has been picked up and is being produced by 222 Pictures in the USA and Running Panda Films and Little Train Creative in Australia. It’s a rom-com, road trip. A hilarious romp through Australian culture from the city to the beach to the desert. It has boho babes, hot corporate type guys, bad boys, bikies, surfies and loveable Australian characters. If you want to follow the journey come and say hi at our Facebook page.

Four Girls and a Motorhome

Bronny has more projects she is working on including a television series, a second original feature and rewriting another feature. While this all keeps her really busy there is nothing that will stop her launching My Super Soul Dad, an homage to all the step dads out there.

And of course, Mother’s Day is just around the corner, a day to celebrate all the mums. You might like My Two Super Mums, My Super Single Mum or My Super Groovy Gran for the mum in your life.

But back to Four Girls and a Motorhome! Wondering what it’s all about?  Well, this is the new type of chick flick, a rom-com roadtrip film where our heroine learns to love herself and not a man. The film tells the story of unlucky in love and life Sadie, orphaned by her National Geographic photographer parents at a young age she bounces from job to man looking to fill the gap. After another failed romance and job Sadie and her best friend Zoe set off on an epic road trip adventure in an aging motorhome to attend the wedding of childhood friend Annie in Coober Pedy.

Joining them on the trip are Zoe’s daughter Lulu, a ten year old bean sprout, and the result of a University affair with visiting African American Professor James. Auntie Margaret who stepped in to raise Sadie after the loss of her parents completes the four girls ensemble. Adding to the roadtrip adventure is Harpo, Auntie Margaret’s lovable toy poodle.

As the girls take off on their adventure, what results is a traipse through Aussie culture. From shaggin wagons, to surfies, to bikies, to stereotypical Aussie caravan park owners, pathological lying ex army creeps and other wedding guests also roadtripping to Coober Pedy. One of these characters is the handsome Liam; a successful advertising agency director smarting after his model wife has dumped him. Four Girls has it all, it’s Priscilla Queen of the Desert meets Muriels Wedding meets How to be Single. Aussie audiences will relate to Four Girls with all its Australian humour and have them laughing in the aisles as they see a bit of themselves in each of the characters.

My Super Soul Dad

I Magicked My Perfect Man Into My Life and My Super Soul Dad

For years I struggled with men. I married way too young and stayed way too long. Then, I ended up in a five-year defacto rebound relationship with the wrong man that resulted in me pregnant and alone. Then there was the addict, the philanderer, the narcissist, the commitment phobe, the ‘I forgot to tell you I’m married’ guy, the control freak, the long distance guy and finally there was Mr Right.

So, how did I find him? I mean, isn’t that what all us single girls are looking for? The One, love at first sight? Our knight in shining armour? It turns out I’m one of the lucky ones because I got my happy ending with my very own version of Mr Perfect. It helps that has a remarkable resemblance to John Hamm, but what is most attractive about him is that he is really just perfect for me. We quite often joke that we are the female / male version of each other. Born a day apart, perhaps we are Cosmic Twins brought together by the Universe after both travelling a hectic and often-unhappy relationship paths.

The truth is, and I’m going to give it to you straight, I magicked him into my life! Huh! I hear you all say, ‘as if’, yeah right, but it’s true. So how did I do it? I guess it was fairly simple when I look back, it was purely all down to the law of attraction.

Bronny and Sol
Bronny and Sol













When I found myself single and pregnant I probably thought I was at my lowest point, who would ever love me, yet alone love me with a child, which people in their mid 30s thought of as an accessory or appendage but mainly if they didn’t have one, just a massive burden. I actually had girlfriends advise I get an abortion because it would be soooo hard to find a man with a baby. Turns out that was not the case at all, because I didn’t have a short supply of suitors, but I did have a short supply of suitable suitors.

After she was born, like most new mums I went looking for books to read to my daughter, there was nothing that was suitable. Nothing that was just about a mother and her daughter, a single mother situation and so I decided given I am both writer, publicist and marketer that I would just write my own and self publish that baby. I had interest from publishing companies but at the end of the day I went it alone, just like giving birth. My Super Single Mum was born and with that I wrote around another 8 stories all surrounding diversity in families; single dads, two mums, two dads, grandparent books, rainbow families and a family about a stepfather that was called ‘My Super Soul Dad’.

My Super Soul Dad
My Super Soul Dad

Now you might be thinking this sounds like it’s turning into a massive plug for my books but you’ll stop in your tracks when I tell you what happened 8 years after writing that book called My Super Soul Dad. After my failed romantic liaisons I basically decided to be single, but a lady cannot live on air alone and so I thought a few Tinder dates wouldn’t go astray. I downloaded, logged on, created my profile and then there he was love at first swipe, well he was the third swipe actually but let’s not let that get in the way of a good story. I swiped, it was a match and then we got chatting. Turns out his name was Soledad. Do you think I was confused? Yep, I was completely confused so much so I asked him his name many times, Soledad he would say thinking (so he tells me now) it was lucky I was pretty because I seemed a touch thick! Soledad he would say, and I would think, OMG – I get you are a single dad, just tell me your name! Finally I caught on, his name is Spanish, it’s a real name, a girls name actually but hey, it’s a pretty cool name isn’t it so who cares what gender it belongs to. I struggled with how to say his name in the early days of our dating adventures and would just call him Sol or baby or honey. Finally, after a voicemail where I heard him say his name I got it. He wasn’t Soul Dad, he was Sol-eh-dad. After that I said his name with gusto – lots. Finally, I told him, ‘did you know’ I typed ‘I wrote a book 8 years ago called My Super Soul Dad, that’s half the reason I was so confused about your name’. We laughed. That was Law of Attraction number 1.

Bronny and Sol
Bronny and Sol

As for the second part of this story, well I guess a few of you are going to think I am insane, but I’m just a hippy at heart actually. I had helped a friend with their RSVP profile in 2013, telling them they needed to change photos, bio etc, basically I PRd the f out of that profile and within a week he met the ‘one’. A year later I was at their wedding in a wheelchair recovering from Achilles Tendon Reconstructive Surgery (damn that Crossfit!), his beautiful wife came to me and thanked me for changing his profile which in turn brought them together but then she told me that wasn’t the only thing, that a little bit of magic had also come into play. This was when she revealed the ‘man spell’ to me.

This is the part where we detour just for a moment, when you snap your Achilles Tendon you essentially become disabled for the period of time you go into recovery, so whilst I was in recovery mode I needed to amuse myself, I couldn’t really work for a little while and so I became obsessed with Mad Men, do you remember what I said about John Hamm earlier? Okay, let’s just say Don Draper to me would have been my dream man come true minus all his character and personality flaws. Give me a man who looked like Don Draper and the personality of Jerry Seinfeld and we’re getting close to my perfect man.

But back to the man spell. So, she tells me, ‘I did a man spell’, get a piece of paper, on the front print off a picture of a man you think is attractive to you (that would be Don Draper for me), then on the back you write your grocery list of what you want in a man, down to minute detail. I laughed, was she serious? But after seeing their love story and being bound by a cast and incapacity to actually walk I thought what the heck and gave it a go. I printed out my picture of Don Draper and then I wrote my list, it was long, it took an A4 page, hey – she said to go into detail, so I did, and I’m talking I went into DETAIL you know what I’m saying ladies right?

I remembered her last piece of advice, once you have your two pages, put them together and stick them under your bed to sleep on. Was she kidding I thought, I hope nobody finds this as I maneuvered my way to the bedroom and slipped the spell under my mattress. Fast forward a year later and I’m on Tinder and who do I see but a guy that looks like Don Draper, I’m thinking ‘who puts a picture of John Hamm on their Tinder profile” then I look closer and I think “when was John Hamm at Brighton Beach” and then I look closer again and I think “oooooh that’s him” swipe right, yes, yes, yes and it was case closed. To be honest, it wasn’t just what he looked like, yes, he’s gorgeous, in person too it turned out, but actually I loved how he described himself ‘we could be friends’ I thought.

Turns out we are, we are best friends in love and life. I joke we are partners in wine, crime and time. That was the law of attraction in action part 2. I magicked him into my life, what can I say, I asked and I received. I told the Universe what I wanted and the Universe answered.

Bronny and Sol
We vote YES to love!

The moral of the story? Don’t give up, I do believe there is someone for everyone. My partner brought me three beautiful children to love along with his and I brought him one. We are a squad of six and couldn’t be happier. We are and blended family – My Super Fantastic Blamily (yes there will be a book!). Maybe a little bit of magic could work for you too.

Bronny Lane is a writer, children’s book author, publicist and film maker. She has just released her fifth children’s book titled “My Two Super Mums” and her first feature film “Four Girls and a Motorhome” is in development with Running Panda Films.


Easter Story and Ideas

Would you like to know how Easter came to be? When people think about Easter for some it’s about chocolate, easter egg hunts and celebrating time with family whilst for others it’s a religious celebration. It might interest you to know the real story behind how the Easter bunny came to life.

“According to the University of Florida’s Center for Children’s Literature and Culture, the origin of the celebration — and the origin of the Easter Bunny — can be traced back to 13th-century, pre-Christian Germany, when people worshiped several gods and goddesses. The Teutonic deity Eostra was the goddess of spring and fertility, and feasts were held in her honor on the Vernal Equinox. Her symbol was the rabbit because of the animal’s high reproduction rate.” Ian O’Neill

The truth is that there is no story about a creature known as the Easter Bunny. Who would of thought! Neither is there about young children painting eggs or hunting. So really Easter is what you make it, so have fun and spend time with your family and friends.

Have a look at this link it’s a game called: Bunny Trail Maze

In this game you’re a cute bunny and you have to find the Easter egg’s.     

Easter Candy-Dipped PretzelsNode-IOGLO000030000900001000040000H0001M0001L0000E000020000J00006003CT

Yum, who wouldn’t like to try these? Here’s how:

Melt blue and Bright White Candy Melts® candy, separately, in dipping containers according to package directions.
Melt Bright Pink, yellow and black Candy Melts® candy, separately, in disposable decorating bags. Cut a small point off of tip of disposable decorating bags when ready to decorate.
Dip some pretzels halfway in melted blue or white candy. Reserve some pretzels for chick design. Tap dipped pretzels gently on side of container to smooth and remove excess candy. Place on parchment.
For confetti pretzel, immediately sprinkle with spring confetti mix. Chill until set, about 10 to 15 minutes.
Transfer remaining melted candy to disposable decorating bags. Cut a small point off of tip of disposable decorating bags when ready to decorate.
Use melted blue and pink candy to pipe diagonal lines on pretzels. Pipe three diagonal lines for each section, alternating blue, pink and blue candy. Space sections 1 in. apart. Repeat in opposite direction to create a crisscross pattern. Chill until set, about 3 to 5 minutes.
Follow the same directions for white drizzle pretzels, using melted Bright Pink and yellow candy.
Place plain pretzels on cooling grid positioned over parchment. Starting 1½” down from top of pretzel, use melted yellow candy to pipe a rectangle to cover area on pretzel 1½” long. Tap grid gently to smooth and remove excess candy. Chill until set, about 10 to 15 minutes.
Use white melted candy to pipe a zigzag edge to cover above and below yellow area. Tap grid gently to smooth and remove excess candy. Chill until set, about 10 to 15 minutes.
Use melted black candy to pipe dot eyes.
Cut orange spice drop into triangle. Use melted yellow candy to attach. Chill until set, about 3 to 5 minutes.

Happy Easter!!!

My Super Single Mum

Stop Calling Yourself A Single Parent

I am not a married parent! It's just me and this divine child and we're very happy thanks!
I am not a married parent! It’s just me and this divine child and we’re very happy thanks!

Do you know what get’s my goat. And I’m talking, instant anger, flare up, nostrils splay out, lips become a thin line, brow furrows and my fingers instantly want to tap furiously onto something to get my feelings out. It’s when partnered women cry ‘single parent’.

Yes, I hear you all now, and yes this is a direct response to Amelia Mitchell from the iVillage article ‘I’m a single mum, Monday to Friday’. Here you all go, I’m pushing the soapbox forward for you all, so form an orderly line. “Stop judging her”, “maybe she does feel single”, “she has her side to the story”, “but her husband does work all the time” “She never sees him and he never sees them”.

To all of that I have one word “choice”. We all as conscious human beings have to some degree a level of choice in our lives. If you choose not to exercise it – to play slave to the money god then yes – probably you will lead a life like that and get to 40 something and wonder why you don’t remember your now suddenly teenaged progeny’s childhood. So please, don’t cry ‘single parent’ just because your partner works long hours or away. The fact is, you’re not a single parent and you would have no idea of what it is actually really truly like to be a single parent.

Firstly, when people say this, they are insinuating that being a single parent or ‘mother’ (as this article suggests) is a bad thing. Well excuse me, but don’t lump yourself into my life as if being a single parent is a chore. It is in fact a joyous experience for me. I love being a mother and I love being a single mother. There are many wonderful upsides that nobody seems to talk about. Number 1 being I don’t have to share. Which is great, because I never liked sharing as a child anyway. Secondly, I don’t have to discuss my child’s education, medical, emotional or any other kind of decisions with anyone; I can do as I please. It’s me raising her 100% and she is happy, well adjusted emotionally, physically healthy and thriving. Reading at a grade 3 level in fact. Must have been all those horrible nights I read her books all on my lonesome before she went to sleep. I hope you’re getting the sarcasm there.

The fact is this; I think these people who cry ‘single parent’ simply miss their partner. They wish they were around more, but let’s get one thing straight. Their partner is around. They’re at the end of the phone, a Skype conversation away, a text message during the day. Their partners do come home, whether it’s late or not. They do eventually go on holidays together and enjoy family time and when they do – I bet it’s precious, because they had to wait for it.

So I’m going to ask a few very simple questions to really get my point across. Have a think about the answers before you prepare to sledge me for my opinion.

1. Would you call yourself gay if you were not gay?
2. Would you call yourself a man if you were a woman?
3. Would you call yourself the Pope of Rome, even, if in fact, you were not the Pope of Rome.

Then why on earth do you insist on calling yourself a single parent when you’re not? I could go on about financial responsibility of the single parent, how we don’t have anyone else to rely on and more, how we don’t remember how date night is supposed to work and more. But really, it all comes down to this. When people complain they are a single parent, they are saying it like it is a bad thing. And for most of us single parents that is an insult, because most of us are perfectly happy. In fact, most of us are much happier than we were when we were complaining about our partner never being home.

I suggest people start seeing the glass as half full and stop complaining about how hard they have it. I find a quick visit to any children’s hospital usually puts one’s problem’s quickly into perspective. Here’s another option. Perhaps as a family choose to stop being a slave to the dollar, downsize, work less, be together more. What’s funny is that people would rather whine about how hard they have it, than see the good in what they do have.

The irony in all this is that I as a single parent probably have more in common with the absent parent in this scenario. I’m up early, drop my daughter at before school care, I work a long day and it’s after 6pm by the time I collect her and get home to do anything that resembles what a stay at home mum does. But you know what. That’s my choice. And I only do it 3 days a week because then the other 5 I can do whatever I want – which includes not being a slave to what society thinks I should or could be doing with my life.

I am single parent and I love it. Time to embrace the good in life. Don’t you think?

My Two Super Mums

My Two Super Mums Coming in 2015 Plus Personalised Illustrations from Bronny

We are so excited to announce that the writing phase of the creative process for My Two Super Mums is complete. This means that the lovely Lisa will now commence working on the illustrations for the book. We expect My Two Super Mums will be ready just in time for Mother’s Day next year so watch this space for this exciting fifth installment in the My Super Family series.

Did you know that Bronny can draw? Whilst she doesn’t illustrate her own books she does dabble in the art of illustration and will be as a part of the Crowdfunding campaign we will be launching in the new year a special reward of a framed, signed, personalised illustration just for you! Here’s an example of what you can expect and one of Bronny’s working drawings. We hope you are as excited as we are by this development in Bronny’s work.

Don’t forget we love hearing from you, so let us know your favorite books from the My Super Family series and make sure you get your Christmas orders in now in time for Christmas! All 4 books uare just $40 which is an amazing saving. Watch this space for more news and til then, let us know what you think about Bronny and her drawings.

My Super Single Dad

My Super Single Dad Review Bonanza

We’ve had a lot of lovely support over the last couple of weeks for My Super Single Dad and thought we’d share the love with you all!

Thuy On from the Sydney Morning Herald called the book refreshing, TOT:Hot or Not are giving away five copies and Mrs. P from Daisy Roo and Too wrote up a lovely piece about the whole My Super Family series!

We’ve also run giveaways with Bubhub and Parent Wellbeing, which went really well!

The support we’ve had for this book has been really encouraging. It’s so important to remind children that families come in all different shapes and sizes! It’s not the money spent on a child that counts, but the time and love that make all the difference.

We can’t wait to tell our next story of two fabulous mums raising a child together!


Bronny’s Books team


My Super Single Dad Book Launch

Saturday October 18 was a great day for the Super Family team – it was the launch of My Super Single Dad!

The place to be was the fab Little Bookroom in North Carlton where Bronny’s happy helpers Brad and Ella set up balloons and gave the kids gift bags and yummy cupcakes. The gift bags featured exclusive merchandise from Aromababy and a cool Super Family bookmark!

We always had a raffle to give away a great door prize thanks to our friends at Notemaker. One lucky winner took home:
– a 2015 Family Diary;
– a Moleskine iPad Cover and;
– a Kaweco Pen!

At 3 30 Bronny did a reading of My Super Single Dad to an enthusiastic crowd of kiddies hanging on to her every word. Bronny then signed all of their books and even read My Super Groovy Gran at the request of one super fan!

To make a perfect date even better, we found out that we need to do a third run of the book that started it all, My Super Single Mum. We even sold out our stock at Little Bookroom. It’s making us think about future ideas…maybe a My Super Single Mum on the Road series??? Single Mums can do anything 🙂

The book launch was such a thrilling way to end a very productive year for the team at My Super Family, and we’re hard at work revising our next book, My Two Super Mums.

If you weren’t able to join us on the day, here are some pictures of what you missed out on!

Brad with some super cupcakes!
Brad with some super cupcakes!

A super single dad and his son!
A super single dad and his son!

Bronny and her captivated audience during the reading of 'My Super Single Dad'
Bronny and her captivated audience during the reading of ‘My Super Single Dad’

Three generations of a super family:- (l-r) Alexis, Bronny and Marguerite
Three generations of a super family:- (l-r) Alexis, Bronny and Marguerite