Introducing Mouse - a floppy eared rabbit

Introducing Mouse!

I caught up with Fluere yesterday to go through the sketches of our next book “Boo and Mouse go to New York”. Fleure has been hard at work creating the world in illustrations for the story I wrote all about a little girl and her fluffy toy rabbit Mouse. Imagine my surprise when Fluere whipped Mouse out her bag! Fashioned from clay, fired in the kiln, painted and come to life. I nearly cried when I saw Mouse come to life. He started in my imagination as a comforting friend to a small child and here he was now sitting in front of my coffee cup!

With this next series of books all about Boo & Mouse and their adventures around the world we will be adding some fun things. Like Mouse in the form of a soft toy. I’m looking forward to bringing this story into 2021 and to introducing everyone to Mouse! Isn’t he adorable. Fleure is so talented. I just love how she takes my words and turns them into beautiful stories with illustrations.