My Super Single Mum on SUNRISE, Channel 7

This morning I was so lucky to be invited to chat with Mel and Koshi and Psychologist Jo Lamble on the popular Channel 7 breakfast program Sunrise.

I’ve been a fan of Mel and Koshi for years so it was a real privilege to be invited onto the program to discuss my Divorce Party which I held to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in my life back in 2005. Although Divorce parties have been around for a long time, when I had mine – it wasn’t really something that many were doing. The ensuing madness that followed was a party to be remembered.

More to the point, after my Divorce my life changed so dramatically, leading me on the path of children’s book author and the My Family Children’s Book series. The best part of today was the massive plug given to My Super Single Mum at the end of the interview.

You can view the interview LifeAfterDivorce by simply clicking on the link – I hope you enjoy.