Super Parents Celebrity Edition: Charlize Theron and her mum Gerda

For our third Super Parents Celebrity Edition, we’ve decided to look at the fascinating story of Charlize Theron and her mum Gerda.


ct2Charlize was initially raised near Johannesburg by her parents Charles and Gerda. Talented even at a young age, she was firmly entranced in the dance world whilst at boarding school. Back at home though, Charles had become an abusive alcoholic, frequently assaulting Gerda. One day, whilst Charlize was on a weekend visit, Charles went to shoot Charlize in a drunk stupor. To protect herself and her daughter, Gerda fatally shot Charles before he could hurt his daughter.


Before you think that we’re supporting the use of guns, keep in mind that in South Africa it is considered normal to carry firearms at all times. Whilst the action itself was terrible, we don’t think there is any mother who wouldn’t do the same for her child. Being a parent is more than just providing food and shelter, it is about being a protector, regardless of the cost.

ct3In the year following his death, Gerda strongly pushed Charlize into modelling as a distraction of sorts and the rest, as they say, is history. Charlize has since won numerous awards, including an Oscar for her starring role in 2003’s ‘Monster’. Her most prized possession though would have to be her two year old son Jackson.

Charlize and Gerda remain incredibly close. Charlize does not talk about the incident regularly, but has said “Those are the sacrifices… that I think you do for your children, and she always did that. She always put me first.” As any other parent should.

(Credit to Hello Magazine Online, bio and Abc News America)