My Super Single Mum Book Launch Sydney

Before we held our gorgeous book launch in Melbourne we had a smaller soiree at the Hughenden Hotel in Sydney which was divine! A bunch of yummy single and not so single mummy’s attended with their bubba’s as well as the Scribo Group and much fun was had by all!

My Super Single Mum creates a stir!

Thanks for the fabulous Milkk PR we have been getting amazing publicity for My Super Single Mum including this article in the Herald Sun, a Melbourne (Australia) newspaper. According to the family expert (when asked about the book) children don’t need to learn about minorities such as these! I think every single mother was insulted universally with that comment. You might like to read the full article here. We for one, think that children of all ages should be exposed to our books, if only to stop ignorant comments such as that one! Read the article here.

My Super Single Mum Book Launch

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for me the past two weeks! Interviews with Kerri-Anne Kennelly on Channel 9, Sunrise on Channel 7, reviews in the Herald Sun, interviews with press, bloggers and the media! It’s all been very exciting, but probably the most exciting has been launching the books in Sydney and then today in Melbourne. I conducted a reading of the book to the children in attendance and all guests received a copy of the book as well as a goodie bag with fabulous items inside including gorgeous products from Aromababy. All this in the divine surrounds of the Apples & Jam Play Centre in South Melbourne on the corner of Montague and Bank Streets. Guests enjoyed jam & scones while sharing parenting stories. Super single mums mingled and I signed books for everyone there. Check out a reading of the book as well as photos from the day. Thank you so much to everyone who came along and I can’t wait to bring you instalment number 2 with My Two Dads. Look out for me in Take That magazine coming up as well as more reviews to follow!

My Super Single Mum in the Media

We were lucky to get some fantastic publicity on the weekend in the Sunday Herald Sun through our fabulous agency Milk Kiddle Langmaid check out the fabulous story here!

We also had a fabulous review in the same edition and scored a 3.5 stars out of 5 which we were over the moon about for our very first launch.

So make sure you grab your very own copy for Mothers Day.

My Super Single Mum Sydney Launch

The Hughenden Boutique Hotel

I’m so excited to announce that we are launching My Super Single Mum in Sydney on the 14th of April at the Hughenden Hotel! We’ll be having morning tea over scones with jam & cream and tea. I’ll be doing a reading of My Super Single Mum and available to chat with the press over the following 2 days.

The beautiful Hughenden Hotel will be the perfect backdrop for this our Sydney launch. So look out for me and My Super Single Mum coming to a store for Mothers Day soon. It is the perfect Mothers Day gift for any mum and cheap at just $15 when purchased from the website.

We’re working hard on My Two Dads which will be our second release in the My Family series. Til then – why not grab yourself a copy of My Super Single Mum and I look forward to bringing you more fabulous news soon!



My Super Single Mum on SUNRISE, Channel 7

This morning I was so lucky to be invited to chat with Mel and Koshi and Psychologist Jo Lamble on the popular Channel 7 breakfast program Sunrise.

I’ve been a fan of Mel and Koshi for years so it was a real privilege to be invited onto the program to discuss my Divorce Party which I held to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in my life back in 2005. Although Divorce parties have been around for a long time, when I had mine – it wasn’t really something that many were doing. The ensuing madness that followed was a party to be remembered.

More to the point, after my Divorce my life changed so dramatically, leading me on the path of children’s book author and the My Family Children’s Book series. The best part of today was the massive plug given to My Super Single Mum at the end of the interview.

You can view the interview LifeAfterDivorce by simply clicking on the link – I hope you enjoy.

Single Mum Research

I like to keep abreast of research that is relevant to the books I write. As such, it was with great interest that I came across the following research being conducted about Single Mums and their mental health. If you’re a single mum, I’d love to encourage you to have your two cents. It would be great to see some research that shows single mums as capable, able and their children as healthy and well adjusted! Lend your opinion and see the data change – I certainly have.

Fill out the survey here.

My Super Single Mum Book Launch

Join us as we launch the children’s book My Super Single Mum in early April 2011.


100 lucky guests will receive a beautiful gift bag PLUS Bronny will do a reading of the book and sign any books purchased on the day.

Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest information about the event and look out for your invitation soon.

We look forward to sharing this exciting event with you and hope you will join us for coffee, tea and light refreshments


We Are Family

I love this clip from Sesame Street who were obviously all over the fact that families come in different shapes and sizes way back in the 70s! It’s now 2010 and this clip is still relevant for families today. I played it for my daughter recently and she loved it. When she saw the mummy and daughter she said ‘That’s me mummy! That’s you mummy!’. When I read our book to her she points to the little girl in the illustrations and says ‘that’s me mummy’! I’ve had such beautiful feedback from many people now regarding the book including this comment from Grade 2 Ormond Primary school children who had the story read to them in class just this week: ‘we’re honoured to be the first class ever to hear this story! We think it is super, awesome and amazing’. From the mouths of babes. I love it.

My Super Single Mum Going Global

I am so excited to share with everyone the news that My Super Single Mum now resides in the children’s book collections of children in not only Australia but the USA, Holland and Israel! With translations of the book planned for Spanish and French, we are sure that My Super Single Mum will be bound for a global audience and couldn’t be happier. Praise continues to role in for the book being ordered by libraries and schools. Plus, I’ve been invited to do a reading at my very own primary school – St Alipius in Ballarat. I couldn’t be prouder to go and share our beautiful story with the children. I remember being in grade one and my teacher Mrs Coman encouraging me to write stories, I was particularly fascinated by frogs at that stage in my writing career, and would write a frog story and draw a frog, then cut the book into the shape of the frog. Mrs Coman would send me off to the office to show everyone the story I had written! Thinking back now, it’s teacher’s like this that encourage the love or reading and indeed writing. We are arranging our book launch for the end of August, and will post more news as soon as it comes to hand. Til then – don’t forget to grab your copy of My Super Single Mum, for yourself, a friend or just someone you think would love the book.